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After completing Program 1,2 or 3


xxxIt is our intention at RCS/AMS to offer an educational opportunity to all; students from all areas of America are prospects for our program and future programs. Due to the specialty of the Automotive Engine Machinist, the automotive industry as a whole will contribute to a large interest in our educational program.  Today’s automotive growing trend is the huge hunger for knowledge about the Automotive Performance Industry from the novice to the professional, people of all ages that want to know about engines and the Automotive Performance Industry.  The love for power and performance, it’s in everything we see, advertisers promoting some form of performance. The performance novices and professionals are hungry for knowledge and are looking for places to get educated. Television has already felt this desire and has packed the cable channels full of how to do shows, Car Shows, Hotrod Shows, Performance Accessory Shows, Race Car Fabricating Shows, NASCAR Racing, Drag Racing, Boat Racing, Off-road Racing, Monster Trucks and the list goes on and on. The people that compete or contribute to this type of industry aren’t necessarily employed in it, many times its the novice doing it for fun, having a primary job doing something else, a novice that would love to dedicate more time working in this industry, but doesn’t know were to start in getting educated.

xxxxI have had personal conversations with Automotive Engine Shops from small to large all over America and they all ask the same thing,  where can I find a good employee who wants to make a difference? The Industry is bulging at the seams with work that can not be done do to the lack of good Engine Machinists, Machinists that have the knowledge and will to learn as they grow is this industry. Shops will pay good wages for educated and willing to work employees, I know I was one of them. The old days of working your way up the ladder are over in America, you either have the knowledge or you don’t. Your first job after your education will be determined by what you have been trained to do from your education. The higher the quality of education not necessary the cost of your education, but quality will determine what your placement will be at your first job. The second job is what you did at your last job and how well you perform. The future workers of America have to realize that business owners that invest huge amounts of money into there companies are doing it for their workers as well, for they are the ones that get to operate the hundreds of thousand of dollars of worth machinery that must make a profit to first pay the employee, then the administrative expenses and hopefully a small profit for the owner who has all the responsibilities. In simple the more profit they make the more wages you may make, America needs to be educated first and have the desire to work in order to keep it strong. People say there aren’t any good jobs out there in the automotive industry, sure for the uneducated, businesses require educated and talented people in the modern America, they can not afford to train an employee for 2 years, or afford to have the employee leave after training, you as an American can not afford to take 10 years to learn your trade on your own either. The required skills needed in today’s trades may change faster than you can keep up, were additional training or a person that has many different types of skills and training will make a difference and excel through life.

xxxxIt is true that most of our students will come from other states and will no doubt go back to their home towns looking for employment.  There are many related jobs that are created form the Automotive Engine Machinist that are laced throughout the Automotive Repair Industry as a whole. Here is a list of possible employment areas that relate to the Automotive Engine Machinist and Automotive Repair Industry.

Employment Opportunities and Occupations

xxxxAfter a student has successfully completed Programs 1, 2 or 3 and or combined all Programs 1-3, a student’s employment opportunity can be as follows:

· OEM Engine Remanufacturing; (Original Equipment Manufacture) Complete Engine Rebuilding Shops; Able to do the required teardown, inspection, machining, part ordering and assembly of all the different types of OEM style automotive engines used in the industry.

·    Performance Race Industry; Performance Engine Designing, Performance Engine Building & Repair, Performance Engine Machinist, Performance Parts Industry ( Sales Representative), Race Engine R&D Facilities, Engine support for all types of Performance Racing.

·   CNC Machinist; Part or Automotive Engine Part  Machinist,  Performance Race Engine Shops that support CNC Machining, Part Designing, Programming, and or Machine Operator.

·    Automotive Engine Machinist; Automotive Engine Machine Shops; Selective types of engine machining procedures related to the rebuilding and machining or assemble of the automotive engine.

·    Automotive Technicians, Engine Repair; Automotive Repair Shops; Internal engine diagnostics, determining engine wear and the necessary steps for repair. Determining internal engine part failure, causes and repairs. Involved in part ordering and the knowledge to know when an internal engine part requires re machining, by using measurements and visual inspection methods.

·    Cylinder Head Remanufacturing; Automotive Cylinder Head Remanufacturing Shops; Specializing in Cylinder Heads Technology: Disassembling, Inspection, cleaning, crack repairs, machining operations and assembly. Involved in part organization skills and the ability to recognized different types of parts related to the cylinder head assemblies.

·    Engine Block Remanufacturing; Automotive Engine Rebuilding and Machining Shops; Specializing in Engine Blocks Technology; Disassembling, inspection, cleaning, crack repairs, machining operations and assembly. Involved in part organization skills and the ability to recognized different types of parts related to the engine block assembly.

·    Crankshaft Remanufacturing; Automotive Crankshaft Remanufacturing Shops; Crankshaft Technology; Cleaning, inspection, measuring, crack testing, straightening, welding, grinding to spec’s and polishing. These areas are specialized to the crankshaft only and enable one to complete the engine remanufacturing processes required.

·    Engine Parts Person; Automotive Engine Parts Warehouse; Counter Personal; A person that specializes in the looking up and selling of servicing parts used in the automotive engine rebuilding industry. The use of part recognition to application, and the relationships of part numbers to the many different engine sizes and designs by identified them with identification or serial numbers. 

xxxxA Student can apply in any of these different yet related types of employment, which all are related to the Automotive Engine in the aspect of design and repair. These types of positions and employment can be found in all the towns or cities in America.

xxxxAnother option is that these skills can be merged to work with the Performance Engine Industry with additional training. Many of the labor and machining skills are the same as a requirement in the Performance Engine Racing Industry.

xxxxThe Automotive Engine Industry is a specialized Industry that has some type of affiliation with these other industries.

1.   Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics.

2.   Machinist.

3.   Automotive Mechanical Engineer.

4.   Motor Vehicle and Parts Manufacturer.

5.   Small Engine Mechanic.

Our Students once finished with our programs can become and or work in the industries of;0

  • OEM Engine Designer
  • OEM Engine Machinist
  • OEM Engine Remanufacturer
  • OEM Engine Part Designer
  • Machinist (Part Maker)
  • Computer Aided Part Designer
  • Performance Engine Designer
  • Performance Part Designer & Manufacturer
  • Performance Engine & Part Salesman
  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Racing Team Support
  • Race Team Owners
  • Race Engine Builders
  • Racing Team Crew Chiefs

xxxxThis list represents potential employers, includes many companies with different employment opportunites and objectives, a list complied from companies that have hired students or are interested in hiring students that have graduated from different vocational schools across America.

A.J.Foyt Enterprise
Arrington Engines
Barry Grant Racing
Blanks Performance
Boyd's Auto Parts & Machine
Brodix Cylinder Heads
Corey Mac Top Fuel Racing
Cosworth Engineering
CRD Engine Performance
Dale Earnhardt Inc.
Dart Machinery
Ed Pink Racing
Evernham Motorsports
Federal Mogul
Gaerte Engines
Garver Digger Monster Trucks
Gonzalez Design
GRP Connecting Rods
Hendrick Motorsports
Hi Velocity Cylinder Heads
Honda Performance Motorsports
Horse Power Engineering
Houston Performance Motorsports
JE Pistons
Joe Gibbs Racing
John Force Racing
Johnson & Johnson Racing
Justice Racing Engine
Katech Engine Development
Kevin's Machine
Kinsler Fuel Injection
Kroyer Racing Engines
Kuntz and Company
Larry Morgan Racing
Late Model Engines
Liberty Engine Supply
Lingenfelter Performance
LSM Systems Engineering & Motorsports
Madcap Racing Engines
Mark Pawluk Racing
McLaren Engines
More Performance
Motorsports Technology
Nickens Brothers Racing
Oddy's Automotive
Pat Musi Performance
Race Car Service of America, Inc.
Reher & Morrison
Penske Racing
Petty Racing
Pittsburgh Crankshaft Service
Precision Engine Machine
Richard Childress Racing
R & L Engines
Robert Yates Racing
Roush Industries
Roy Hill Drag Racing School
Scott Shafiroff Racing Engines
Scoggin-Dicky Parts Center
Sterling Performance
Steve Schmidt Racing
Sweet Customs
Thunder Racing
TriStar Motorsports
USA Racing Engines
Warren Johnson Enterprises
Wegner Automotive
Wes Mar Racing Engines
Wiseco Piston Inc.
xxxxThis is a small part of the real world of racing, there are thousands of shops across America that are in need of a skilled and talented workers, students can apply anywhere they feel comfortable and desire. As time goes by we will continue to added additional names to the list of employers that hire students from the Educational Industry.